Star Party

at Whispering Pines

10-15 September 2023

Sunday Evening Wiener Roast

To welcome everybody on Sunday evening, we will start with a complimentary wiener roast at the camp's fire pit. Roasting forks will be provided. The dining room is also available in case of a fire ban.

The food has been generously sponsored by Rod and Elena DeVries, of Eagle Butte Observatory in Dunmore, Alberta.

Please click the graphic to visit Eagle Butte Observatory's web site.

Complimentary Coffee Bar

A complimentary coffee bar will run throughout the week, thanks to the great people at South Country Co‑op Ltd.

South Country Co‑op is a leader in community support programs, and generously assists many local organizations such as ours. Please support their business whenever you can.

Please click the graphic to visit South Country Co‑op's web site.

The Amazing Sky

Alan Dyer takes you on a photographic tour of the most amazing sights the sky has to offer.

The sky provides us with an endless show filled with beautiful sights and wondrous objects, many visible with just unaided eyes — such as auroras and meteor showers.

Alan tours us through our amazing sky using images and time-lapse movies he has taken, from home in Canada and from far-off lands in pursuit of foreign skies and spectacular eclipses.

Lukasz Gornisiewicz's Slideshows

Lukasz is excited to show everybody his latest wide-field astrophotos.

Astronomy Cinema

Astronomy related programming will be presented throughout the week in the auditorium.

Open Mic

Participants will have the opportunity to make short presentations to the group on any subject they choose, as long as it is something generally related to astronomy or the hobby.

A laptop computer feeds an LCD projector and a sound system. Powerpoint presentations are ideal.

Buy-and-Sell Tables

Tables will  be available for attendees to sell their surplus stuff, and hopefully find some cool new stuff.